Boofie's Birthday Adventure v2.0 - Major Update

-Added Hard Mode - A game mode where the player is thrown into the main game where the AI all spawns and behaves the same way, but the PC tasks are longer, the processing times are longer, interacting with the right monitor can also spawn MOM instead of just FATHER and the player has three seconds instead of five seconds to complete Boofie Reborn mechanics before getting jumpscared. Upon being asked if the player wishes to delete the game at the end of the third phase, the final phase begins whether or not the player chooses to actually delete the game. This mode is always accessible. There is no "Bad Ending" trigger in this mode, instead the player will be sent to the Main Menu and the run will be treated as a game over. A third ending is available to those who can complete Hard Mode.

-Added Endless Mode - A game mode where the player is trapped with every AI from the main game active in an endless nightmare. The final phase is not in this game mode. Your highest amount of "Rounds Survived" will be recorded in the Extras Menu! This mode is only accessible for those who have gotten the Bad Ending.

-Added Custom Mode - A game mode where the player can choose any enemy or any enemies they like, including some newly added enemies from other MicroHorrorArcade games, and create a custom challenge for themselves where they have to complete the game as usual, but with the enemies they've chosen spawning in specific phases instead of or alongside the standard enemies found within the main game! DeleteDataDroid retains its standard list of deletable enemies and will not delete any of the Custom Mode enemies. Your high score will be recorded in the Extras Menu! This mode is only accessible for those who have gotten the Good Ending.

-Added a secondary menu when the player selects "Play" in the Main Menu. This menu includes the controls, the options to play each game mode available to the player and the high scores achieved in Endless Mode and/or Custom Mode.

-Added a random event to the main menu.

-All endings that have been earned by the player can now be viewed through the "Extras" menu.

-Increased the speed at which the player enters and leaves the hiding spot under the desk.

-Changed the cat clock on the back wall to look more like "PhuCat" as everyone was calling it "PhuCatClock" anyways. #Sub2PhuCat

-Added audio cues to the hacking process.

-Increased the volume of the "correct" and "incorrect" audio cues for the hacking process.

-Decreased the amount of power resets it takes to enrage Mikoit from five to three.

-The survival time required during the final phase of Normal Mode has been reduced from three minutes to two minutes. Hard Mode required survival time is still three minutes.

-Updated the "Enemies" menu to include all new enemies and reduce some clutter in the UI's programming.

-AI will now smoothly rotate when changing direction instead of snapping into the new direction they're moving in.

-Reduced the specularity of monitor screen materials, the vent void material and the jumpscare room material so they aren't as unintentionally reflective.

-Fixed a typo in the Good Ending.

-Increased the speed of Slendy Daddy.

-The player is now able to open heavy doors by interacting with the same button they closed them with.

-Fixed an issue where How2PlayRockRadio will rarely play two tracks at one time.

-Fixed some of the enemies's jumpscare animations.

-Fixed an issue causing Mikoit to not despawn when starting the final phase if he has appeared.

-Slightly changed Mikoit's and Boofie Reborn's Enemies Menu entry.

-Cleaned up some of the AI and Save Data code.

-Fixed an issue where if Pickle Man or Dorgin were in the vent while another AI caught the player, Pickle Man or Dorgin would be visible in the background of the jumpscare.

-Fixed a possible issue where if the player were to somehow get to the final phase with the Boofie Plush in their hand, the Boofie Plush outline wouldn't despawn from the desk in the main room.

-Tweaked Tuffum's and The Florgin's roaming route.

-Fixed an issue where if the player presses "F" while hacking and "F" is not the currently assigned letter, the hacking process will not reset as intended.

-Updated the credits with new play testers.


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Jan 16, 2021

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