Boofie's Birthday Adventure v2.0.5 - The Nerfs!

-Fixed an issue where there is a chance for DeleteDataDroid to delete no one in Custom Mode if Wheeliamson isn't active.

-Fixed an issue where Tinrae's jumpscare would trigger even if something else was in the process of jumpscaring the player.

-Reduced Tinrae's amount of time between teleports from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

-Fixed an issue where Slendy Daddy would move at 2.25x speed if the player stopped his movement then looked away without making him go away.

-Reduced the time needed to stare at Slendy Daddy in order to make him go away from five seconds to three seconds.

-Zelion now has a 75% chance to spawn a Kinetic Image every thirty seconds from his activation instead of a 100% chance.

-Increased the amount of times the player can be caught by a Kinetic Image before dying from three to four.

-Changed Zelion's Kinetic Image spawn locations from randomly being on the left or on the right to alternating between the left and right.

-Signaw now has an 80% chance to activate instead of a 100% chance to activate every sixty seconds after it has spawned if any of your doors are shut.

-Switched the spawn timing of Tinrae and Bojin.

-Switched the spawn timing of Iolion and Zelion.

-Da Mouf now spawns at the start of the game alongside Wheeliamson.

-Changed the patrol routes of Tuffum, The Florgin and Da Mouf so they do not pass through the main room as often, but they will always interact with the heavy doors nearest to the main room if they are shut. The other four heavy doors will still alter their patrol routes as they did in previous versions.

-Updated Zelion's and Slendy Daddy's Enemies Menu entries.


Boofie's Birthday Adventure v2.0.5.rar 780 MB
Jan 22, 2021

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