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i cant play it it keeps saying files are missing

hi Jayskibean

NGL This game loud had a lot of fun doe.

Glad to know you're still making stuff, even if it isn't videoes anymore.

its so cute when he run!

i love the game

peter griffin from family guy

Hey JayskiBean it has been almost a year since you've blocked me and I would like to apologize for bombarding you and harassing you about stupid stuff. So what im asking is for you to take into consideration about maybe unblocking me on twitter and patreon.

Este juego te hará entender el terror de huir en una persecución. Espero que lo juegues y te guste!

I clicked the button to play the game but the game doesn't want to let me play it

Peters soo fast and the flashing lights are terrifying!    Loved the game !)

This makes me want to play the steam game. Love it thank you :D

Lets play tag! Great Game! Love it and hate it at the same time.

ok i got creeped out

As someone who has played Andy's Apple Farm, I am ready for this son of a beach-ball.

Awesome game, gave me some good scares

Here's my reaction, it's in spanish, also I managed to translate some of the game audios on the subtitles

Hope you enjoy it!


This game was really spooky lol! I did not expect that transformation at the end gave me chills! Keep up the good work! (gameplay starts at 11;14)

The game is beautiful in its presentation. Loved the gameplay and visuals. Thanks to the developer for this game.

Couldn't get away from the pumpkin(>人<;)

I will be glad to subscribe to the channelヾ(^▽^*)))

Great idea, though still rough around the edges. Had a lot of fun playing nonetheless!

Game that I could not sleep espicially at the end!!

Is that a andy rip-off?


no its a fan made game

the fanmade owner already said that anyways

playing for at least 20 minutes! Overall the game was fun very creepy and has a feel that makes you feel uneasy. the reason for that is you are getting chased by a Michael Myers Pumpkin form WHO HAS GOD SPEED LMAO!!



Love this game. When the tables turn, the panic begins. Peter is a problem in the maze. 


He was dead wrong for how he switched up on me like that☠️😂 This game gave me an adrenaline rush but it was worth it. 10/10 from me, and if you want to see how I played ya go😁✊🏾

This game was intense at times, 3rd game in the video 

I really enjoyed this game! 

Cheek it out!

music kill me

This felt like I entered into a lucid dream gone wrong...


Loved the game idea. i never played the original that yall are refrencing in this game. But will check it out. Keep going Liked the style of it


i enjoyed this game a lot! I loved the creepy aspect that was added to what seems like an innocent game!

Pretty creepy, especially the end. Trying to get all the pumpkins is like a Dark Souls boss though xD

Had a lot of fun with this! I actually played this before playing andy's apple farm and had fun. Tried getting all endings and pumpkins lol. Enjoyed the graphics and the audio was on point, please make more fangames! Hope you don't mind that I streamed this and made a vid, was fun!

This game made me laugh hard. I can't say it was fun, but it was definitely an interesting game due to the story and visuals. The controls were hard to use when running from Peter, but ultimately it was the monotonousness that caused me to give up on the game. I'm not trying to insult, just giving my opinions on the game. I definitely enjoyed parts of it and had laughs while playing. Check out my hysterical reaction to the game. Again, I enjoyed this game as long as I played it. 


I absolutely LOVE these old retro theme'd games, so this one was a must play and im glad i did since its an amazing game

Loved the game! Got me a few times real good xD love a good maze horror game. Left a follow and keep up the amazing work! Your game is first in the vid.

Pretty fun game and the horror aspect was pretty good. Here's my funny moments while playing (FIRST GAME) PLEASE CHECK OUT

and a tiktok

freaky i couldnt help but be scuuurrrrd

Man this game had me disoriented haha. Your game is the first one in this 3 Random Scary Games. 

Been AWHILE! Time For Some Spoops!
3 Random Scary Games #8 

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