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Sporgeborb me boy, Slender is mad at us..

is it a slender man parody game or is an origonal?

and i would like to play it

It is.


And you have to pay it.

i can't buy anything because my dad doesn't want me to buy stove on devices.


dude, this game is name your own price, you can just press on Download now button and then on No thanks, just take me to the downloads and BOOM! you can play it now.

This game was "SOMETHING" else...

Great game dude, I finished the first few levels:


Amazing mind fu@@. Loved the game!Let me know if you like my experience!

the game doesent look too bad ans also i have 2 questions first question what game hare you hup 2 next second question what is your favorite game that you made 


Found it the other day and today I did a video on it. Amazing.

I didn't get very far because I rage quit but I loved this game!!

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After watching your video, I decided to go back to Shrukk's swamp to find the Bigfoot easter egg. I found it.

damn your lucky

How? This is just an easter egg of Bigfoot that walks around outside of bounds. It wasn't too hard to find.

its beacause i never find it


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Well this game is amazing, i beat everything first try unless for "the white cathedral" there to many blind spot so i can't see the nun(mother Elizabeth).

Easter egg: i found 3 easter egg, pickle man, Nosferatu, and Doncin crob.

This game is actually more funny than scary, whic I believe is likely the point. Essentially getting killed by a meme, which in itself is a meme? Great game, I haven't been able to win though to be honest.

I really liked it! I found the dancing crab Easter egg. I didn't manage to beat any of the levels though  (

IT'S SLENDY TIME! loved the game and the golden boobman was hilarious, well done jay and dave! 

I haven't played the game for myself, but I loved watching TheGameSalmon play it. I have a question, though, regarding one of the endings involving a shirt. (I won't go into any further details - don't want to spoil anyone.)

Was that ending meant to be a hint at a more serious Slender-related thing coming from you later down the line, be it a new addition to this game or a game of its own? Or do you not have any plans for doing so?

The Return of slenderman games with a comedic twist filled with easter eggs? Love that ! 

good job this was a blast from the past for sure!

Went back and beat another level! Loving this game so far,trying my best to find all the Easter eggs lol I miss Golden boobman though...


I've been waiting for someone to make a slender horror game again and the day has finally come! I absolutely love the concept of this game! I love that this game has a lot of maps and extra's, I think that's great! You can really see the effort that has been put into this game and that's awesome! I'm very sure I'm gonna be playing more of this! Very well done!


Had a blast playing this!!

game tripped me out EVERYTIME LOL WORTH A TRY

I had so much fun playing this game. This was a really good slender game, and did a good job at scaring me lol😂 Good job guys! 

Another beautiful game that is so creepy but also hilarious lol Loved it and looking forward to playing more levels! Never thought Slenderman coming back would be so amazing!



This game is creative and funny with amazing golden bo*bs. great job you guys!

I really enjoyed the game it was a lot of fun and creative I look forward to your future games :) 


Okay okay okay... I have heard the message loud and clear! LETS GET SLENDY TRENDY AGAIN! I had a really fun time playing this as I never got to play the originals myself. I hope you enjoy watching my experience!


that moment when you have more fun with a fan game that with the original


Wow, there's a lot there.Could only manage to get through level one this video.


this was an amazing game it was pretty funny and scary which we dont really see much of that anyway heres my lets play i hope you enjoy


I love horror games


I Had a blast playing the game and I

 can't wait to play the other stages 100/100

Somehow you managed to create the least scary Slender Man ever haha. I still couldn't escape. The game itself is pretty creepy though. Pretty cool. 


All Done, good job again.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game. :D


Really good slender horror game! 

Second Part, this is certainly getting harder.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

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This game is awesome!!                Enjoyed it!

here's the gameplay ;)

Takes a few video but I got it all, here is the first one, good job.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Pretty cool game!

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