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What did you like about Boofie's Bunker?

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I really like the idea of a horror game with a custom mode the only other games i know of that do that are Fnaf and some dave microwave games. Also just the general artstyle, presentation and lore is done really nice.

uhhh i like how... you can umm unlock things and those things if if you beat those things you unlock more things and and most of the things i i mean minigames arent complete horror they are like mixed with different fun mechanics that end up being really interesting and andd fun and and spooky

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right off of my head Chaos mode,arcade and bunker and the skybox for hedge maze

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What i like about Boofie's Bunker? Pretty much the entire thing! but what i like the most about the game is the level creativity. I love how they have their own ways of completion. Definitely an amazing game :D

And honestly? This game has given me inspiration to start making my own games, too!