Random Crash Fix

If you are experiencing crashes after a few seconds or minutes of gameplay in any of these games, it is likely due to an error with the old version of OpenSSL used in the version of UE4 that was used to create the games. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do from a developer standpoint to fix the issue for you, so the best I can do is use the most up-to-date version of UE4 when I create Boofie's Bunker Remastered, which I am planning on doing anyways.

You can, however, fix the issue yourself by switching off your internet connection while playing the game. I know it's a pain, but it has been a pretty big issue between Boofie's Bunker and other games created with older versions of UE4, including The Joy of Creation, Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom, and pretty much all of my older games. I'm sorry that I can't do more! The update will be better!

TL/DR: Turn off your wifi!

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