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Welcome to Boofie's Bunker!  First off, thanks for showing interest in this junk! It's my very first game and I wanted to learn as much as possible on this project, so it is very much a full-sized game with many areas, game modes, extras, unlockables, cameos and crossovers!

Boofie's Bunker is a survival horror game about escaping a bunker that the protagonist was mysteriously transported to. The story is non-linear and is told through memories. Memories are unlocked after winning each difficulty of each level. More levels are unlocked by further investigating sounds or out-of-the-ordinary things inside the bunker. The game varies in difficulty, but gets very difficult in the end. Perseverance is definitely rewarding. You're in for a treat if you finish all difficulties of each level.


WASD = Movement

Mouse  = Look Around

F = Light Source

LMB = Interact

RMB = Drop Items / Secondary Interact

Q = Lean Left

E = Lean Right

Space Bar = Look Over Shoulder

Shift = Sprint


-If you see a radio, interact with it to listen to it.

-If you're confused about how an enemy works, the totems in each menu can help!

-If you want to reset your saved data, the droid in the main menu can do that for you.

-As a matter of fact, interact with everything. You never know what will happen!

Also, make sure you keep an eye and ear out EVERYWHERE for secrets. This is a very big game, but most of the game is hidden beneath the surface of the Bunker itself. Unlock new areas by finding them in-game to progress in the story! Be a completionist, there's something awesome waiting after you complete every mode and difficulty!

HUGE thanks to Dave Microwaves Games and Padre Snowmizzle for playtesting this game as much as they did. It definitely wouldn't have become what it has today without their wonderful feedback.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Survival
TagsArcade, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, secrets, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, weird


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Boofie's Bunker v1.8.1 683 MB
Doofie's Dunker v1.0.3 261 MB
Boofie's Birthday Adventure v2.1.1 840 MB

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I always wondered can you use shaders on boofies bunker?

Deleted 11 days ago
Deleted 11 days ago
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I was playing the game and Thought hmm the Christmas map is hard

So I was thinking, Why not add a Boofie's Bunker Bot Mode, Like y'know Plays the game for You?

Please do That Now or Later or In Future

thx for Reading (:

I was Playing through The Kitchen Mode today and I ran into a Problem. I'm Not sure if It's a Me Problem or a Game Problem but I go and Collect All of the Items and Then Find that 1 of the Wooden Planks Won't be Removed. I have to Intentionally Take a Death from Boofie Specifically In order to Fix the Problem. Not sure if anyone else has this problem but I just thought I'd Post this here and Hopefully this will be seen and Fixed by Jay! Thank you so Much for taking the time to read and Fix the Bug and I truly Love the Heck out of this Game!

is there a discord?

Love this game

What unreal engine version does it run on?


I think the biggest problem here is the plank not getting removed in kitchen, please fix!

I've been stuck on kitchen hard mode because the last plank cannot be removed, i got all the items and everything and i think it is impossible to complete without it

the kitchen wont let me get out because a plank cant be removed

i've been having that on hard mode and idk how to fix it

Fix This Because Its Not Letting Me Open This Gaem

Just asking but are you gonna add an impossible mode to the other levels? (Aka the arcade, kitchen, the hedge maze, and backrooms)

Um, I think i may need a resolution option... I know my screen isn't standard (1920x1280), but still. This is absurd.

it's still very playable, but it's more efficient for me to chance settings after entering the bunker.

Can you nerf the blue guy in the arcade in extreme mode? He keeps spawning every time a key box and a keylock is unlocked and it's kind of annoying.

can you please add resoltion bc my game is sooo laggy when i put it on low

(1 edit)

Jay i got a new computer and when i play this game around like 1 minute or so it crashes for idk what reason, can you fix it please.

(nvm i fixed it)


in the bunker mode I cant pick up the blue key making the game unbeatable 

Good game but cant pick up keys sometimes

Hey Jayskibean..do you think you could port Boofie's Bunker and UNKYS.EXE to Chromebook? that would be nice



Secretly One of The Best FREE Horror Games? | Boofie's Bunker

I love this game and I am planning on returning to it in the future.

Hey Jayskibean I am encountering an error, I will play the game and randomly the game will freeze and then it kicks me off the game, I really want to play it because it seems fun, but I only get to play for like 1-5 minutes and then I get kicked off, is there any way you can fix it.


Thank you so much it worked! also keep up the great work!

Baldi is a secret in this!

Welcome to Boofie's Bunker! That not me!


Unironically one of my favorite games of all time.

when i click settings i cant see the exit button and i think my screen is not fully streched out and stuff how do i fix that?

This game is good and I may return to it :)

This game good

welp... i guess this is good bye boofie's bunker itchio page.


This game was awesome but a little bit frustrating. There was a moment that the lock didn鈥檛 show us the color to find the right key. But still entertaining! 

does the konami code still work in Boofie's bunker?

yep always did

i cant wait for xmas !!!!!!!!



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this game is cool i like the stile sometimes i get scared i have not played it only on my friend pc when i did not have a pc but the it was like the first version

(1 edit)

for any one who wants a challenge heres one three normal boofies one hard kinetic image one extreme bojin one tinrae one blitz three oui oui three zipper two delete data droid two boofie plush all on the christmas map on fever dream mode


im sorry to hear that

I can't play it :( I downloaded it both off Google and on here but it's not wroking.

If anyone can help out, Tell me how to play it. I can't seem to open the game up.

best game ever if you havent played it try it!

its my favorite horror indie game but its been a while since i havent played it or watched it on youtube

how do i download the game if i downloaded the app then it not work the content pak wont work

You need to Extract the file.

It's a .rar file so it needs to be extracted

use something like 7zip

I downloaded this and can"t open the file. Can anyone help?


ye dowload the app the itch.io app

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