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Boofie's Bunker is public again! As y'all know, this was the very first game I ever made, and a while back I planned on updating it to v2.0 with a TON of additions. Unfortunately, those plans fell through as the project is such a mess and I didn't want to sift through it and spend months on months fixing things and adding polish.

The current version of the game (along with Doofie's Dunker) will indefinitely stay public on this page, and I'm excited to say that I am working on a Boofie's Bunker Remake that will also double as "Version 2.0" that I'd announced before. This remake, remaster, or whatever you want to call it will also be on this page when it's finished. Things will change. Some features will be gone and new ones will replace them.

I will be rebuilding this from the ground up and it will take a good chunk of time to complete. I also plan on working on smaller projects between now and then to avoid the burnout of just working on one large game. This will be BIG. Way bigger than the original, and it'll pave the way for something even larger.

I'm very excited about this project and I hope y'all are too! I've grown A LOT as a developer since making this so many years ago and I can't wait to relive the development process of this project.

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Very excited for the future of this game!