v1.2.3 - Bunch of Bug Fixes, Impossible Bunker & Secret Teaser Thing

v1.2.3 - Boofie's Impossible Bunker Update

-Added the Impossible Bunker game mode in the main menu to the left of the Easy Mode door. This mode is more difficult than Bunker extreme and is available to anyone, no matter their progress in the game. This mode boasts no rewards other than some obscure lore to the MHA universe, bragging rights and a small, unimportant surprise. The challenge is created for the most resilient of Boofie's Bunker players.
-Fixed a stamina bug in the Bunker maps.
-Fixed a bug where enemies would occasionally run from the player upon discovery instead of chasing them.
-Fixed a bug where the last two extra Boofie clones didn't spawn as intended in Bunker on the hard difficulty.
-Fixed a bug where Boofie could catch the player through certain walls in the Bunker map.
-Fixed a typo in a hint that can appear in the Bunker's Game Over map.
-Lowered the volume of Boofie's scream while he's chasing the player by a tiny bit.


Boofie's Bunker v1.2.3.rar 659 MB
Feb 08, 2020

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Challenge accepted also there is still a typo in the hints for me

Found it. Thanks! I'll fix it in the next update.