v1.3 Valentine's Day MAJOR Update

The v1.3 Valentine's Day major update is here! Here are some details on what has changed, added and/or fixed:

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a few more hint typos.
-Fixed a bug where Gamla Ultimate only moves to one patrol point in any Chaos Kitchen map, then stops moving until the player is discovered.
-Fixed a bug where if one DeleteDataDroid deletes Blitz from the map in Chaos Mode, there is a chance that the next DeleteDataDroid the player clicks on will not delete anything.
-Fixed a bug where Blitz would still appear after selecting him in the Chaos menu, then entering a set challenge map with set enemies.
-Fixed a bug where Boofie would sometimes stop his patrol route and stand in one spot until discovering the player in Bunker Normal mode.

Misc Additions:
-Added two new unlockable enemies and one new unlockable map in Chaos Mode.
-Added the Roulette Challenge in Chaos Mode. This mode will randomize all AI levels and will take the player to a random map.
-Added a hub menu for main game selection. You will be able to choose between Arty's Memoir, Elaine's Memoir, Christmas Challenge and the brand-new Valentine's Day Challenge along with little badges if you've 100% completed any of these modes.
-Removed Boofie's Bunker - Christmas Challenge from the game page since it is now accessible in the main game.
-Added a super secret cheat code to the HUB Menu that unlocks everything in the game. BEWARE! Using this invalidates any legitimate 100% completion and will disqualify you from creating a custom challenge for the Hall of Fame in Chaos Mode.


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Feb 14, 2020

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micro did you remove the super secret code? cuz no matter how many times I enter it the message that shows if you enter it correctly wont show up!

It's working fine for me. Konami Code but ENTER instead of START. Use arrow keys and the B / A keys. Don't hit anything else or it'll interrupt it. Must key it in on the HUB Menu. Also, make sure you click somewhere on the screen first so the window is actually active.

Excited to see Blitz in Chaos!

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How do you find and enter the super secret cheat code? I don't care that I get disqualified because I don't have the skills to 100% the game and I don't want a custom challenge.

It's the konami code lol (but enter instead of start)

I'm still a little confused, What is konami? And what do you mean by enter instead of start?

Wait nvm I googled it

Deleted 2 years ago