v1.4 - St. Paddy's Day Update (early, because I'm going on vaca)

-DeleteDataDroid now takes the player to the HUB Menu when the playe decides to delete their saved data instead of just reloading the Arty's Memoir Main Menu.
-Made some changes to the Roulette Mode in Chaos Mode that makes the idea of beating the challenges it creates a lot more realistic, along with adding the possibility of a random filter to be applied to the map.
-Fixed a bug where Oui-Oui and Boofie Plush AI counters didn't clear when exiting a Chaos Mode map by using the pause menu.
-Fixed a bug where if Oui-Oui was deleted by DeleteDataDroid in a Chaos Mode map once, he would be immune to any further deletions via the droid.
-Fixed a bug in the Valentine's Day Map in Chaos mode where DeleteDataDroid could only delete an AI once, unless the player returned to the main Chaos Mode map.
-Fixed a bug in the code of the previous failsafe I made to block Oui-Oui from occasionally causing a softlock when catching the player.
-Fixed a bug in any chaos mode map where if the player is holding a Boofie doll and is caught by an AI that isn't Boofie, they don't drop the doll as intended, so it photobombs the jumpscare animation.
-Added a failsafe in every Chaos Mode map to prevent possible soft-locking by the hands of Oui-Oui, since he's been notorious for doing that in the past.
-Made inputting the Konami Code in the HUB Menu in order to "cheat" and unlock everything in the game a little more user friendly. Now it will work 100% of the time.
-Added GoodKhaos Challenge and TheGameSalmon Challenge to the Hall of Fame in Chaos Mode.
-Instead of a seasonal challenge, the St. Paddy's Day update introduces a new character that the player can encounter. Lu has a 1/50 chance to spawn in any map in Arty's Memoir excluding menus, Ultimate Mode maps and Chaos Mode maps. He will make a sound when he spawns, and moves faster than any other character that is currently in the game. If you catch him, you'll unlock a badge in the HUB Menu, a trophy in the Main Menu of Arty's Memoir and all current and future crossover/optional trophies or events will be a 1/2 chance to spawn instead of 1/10 chance. This only effects the spawn rates in the main game, not Chaos Mode. This unlockable is very rare and cannot be unlocked by entering the cheat code in the HUB Menu.


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Mar 06, 2020

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Got that St. Paddy's Day rare easter egg on my 7th try. Nabbing him was rather hard but it's good to know I'll easily be seeing new easter eggs in the future.

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Will there be a crossover event with an Indie game from Japan?