v1.5 - New Hall of Fame Challenge! (& other fixes)

-Added JudeGK's Challenge into the Chaos Mode Hall of Fame! Congrats!
-Fixed an issue where Visroc and Mikoit would occasionally send the player to the wrong game over map in Chaos Mode.
-Removed black bars and made the HUB Menu more friendly to players with non-standard resolution monitors.
-Fixed an issue where the player could shrink themselves by holding down the spacebar when entering a map, then releasing it once they were inside.
-Fixed an issue where Blitz would continue to animate & produce footstep sounds even while idle.
-Added a new area in every Bunker map to prevent the player from being able to either fall off of the map or beat the game unintentionally upon glitching and teleporting on top of it. I'm unsure how this glitch happens or what triggers it. If this happens to you, just look for the vent to escape back into the bunker, similar to the ones in the backrooms.
-Fixed an issue where the crosshair didn't appear on the screen in the Chaos Hall of Fame map.
-Added a door in the Chaos Hall of Fame that takes the player to the Chaos Menu map.


Boofie's Bunker v1.5.rar 671 MB
Mar 22, 2020

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